Ethical Discernment and Decision-Making, Augustine Chow

Workplace Deiscernment and Decison Making

Ethical Discernment and Decision-Making – A Case Report from the perspective of a Workplace Chaplain

Augustine Chow



This is a case report about the ethical discernment and decision from the perspective of a Workplace Chaplain -making in the case of Susan, a fictitious name given to a Christian lady for whom the author is her chaplain.  She was proposing a divorce.   The dilemma was that she knew this would be against the bible teaching and the will of God.  The decision would ruin her family.  However, she had been considering it painfully and persistently for over a year.  Recently she consulted a non-Christian lawyer ready to proceed with the divorce action.  She needed discernment and advice from her chaplain.

This case report will first illustrate how the ethical dilemma case could have been handled by two prevailing approaches in ethical discernment and decision-making in the workplace context, namely the Ignatius of Loyola’s Seeking God’s Will Discernment and the Wesleyan Quadrilateral Discernment.  Then, the case report will detail how the chaplain handled the case with the clinical-based Chaplaincy Intervention approach through the “Ministry of Presence.”  In summary, the author will summarize the case experience in hindsight.

Download the article:  Augustine Chow – Ethical Discernment and Decision-making 2022


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作者: 周志堅 Augustine Chow

周志堅博士 是一名有夢想、有活力、以專業保險代理為業的雙職傳道人。他立志推動職場事工,職場牧養關顧。 他是香港十大傑出青年,歷任國際性頂級銀行及保險公司保險高層管理。 Dr. Augustine Chow is a vision-driven dual-roles minister in the marketplace in Hong Kong. He is committed to advocating marketplace chaplaincy ministries. He was honored as An Outstanding Young Person of Hong Kong. He was a senior executive in one of the world’s top-notched banking and insurance companies.


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